arquitecto y diseñador de interiores

david puerta

“drawing, architecture and interior design as stages of personal growth”

“Architecture became a means through which to continue creating, seeking new shapes and, above all, hoping to make people feel my emotions. A new element, Mediterranean light, transforms into a new way of visualising volumes, colours and concepts. An addition and never a subtraction. An architectural scale of 1:100, 1:50 or 1:20, but never 1:1. The interior design required in my training to ensure that the entire project, from the sketch to the architectural necessity and the details of the interior decor, passes through the walls of my childhood to another person’s dreams”.


maría daroz

“I studied classical dance and architecture in Valencia, the city that keeps me up at night. My first memories are in an open but harmonious space, beside a wooden bar, in front of a large mirror, drawing figures to the sound of the piano that I love so dearly. Dance brought me discipline and elegance, reflected in a sensitivity for detail. Completing my architectural studies in Denmark allowed my projects to combine Scandinavian influences with the Mediterranean character. The result is a warm and evocative style that appeals to the senses”.

From a young age, he drew out all his dreams on the walls of his parents’ house. Green springs, grey autumns and cold winters passed, his pencil growing ever smaller with so much drawing. Illustrating ideas and transforming them into spaces that stimulate the senses has become his life philosophy.

Influenced by Scandinavian design and marked by a family history closely linked to dance, she modulates spatial order through geometric proportions and physics. A particular attraction to light and noble materials, working in line with sophistication, transforms her works into spaces capable of creating emotion.

“The aesthetics of dance reflected in the functionality of architecture”