lápiz oro

Voladera. Las Naves library.
renovating library facilities
ephemeral | VALENCIA | SPAIN
150 m2

Renovating library facilities: a challenge by Viruta Lab. The firm takes home first place in the competition to update the former Las Naves library with an ephemeral installation.

Voladera: dreaming and growing

The VOLADERA project is based on an ambitious, heartfelt and powerful concept, in which Las Naves has been fully involved. It consists of shaping the future of Valencian society for greater comfort and equality. A goal activated through a system of four helixes: public sector, private sector, academic/research sector and civil society.

Children are the adults of tomorrow. The future of society is clearly linked to new generations, who, today, are simply children. These little ones still see it all as a game. Precisely because of this, they are capable of understanding this system of four helixes based on an idea that is both familiar and simple: a paper windmill. This is the reference and essence from which the project was imagined and designed.

Its presence can be immediately observed. This paper windmill acts like an umbrella over the installation. It is the central element, which is imaginative, sensorial and playful, visually representing this reality. As such, below it, it contains the different areas brought to life within the space.

In doing so, it generates a semi-transparent mesh that covers the entire library. Only the central bay remains free. In it, this system modifies its scale and incorporates individual hanging elements, presented at various levels, to make full use of the double height.

Renovating library facilities with strategic sectors

With the firm criteria of urban adaptation and innovation, the five strategic sectors at play in Las Naves were considered in developing this installation.

Mobility. This is represented by the floor signage, the zebra crossings and the compositional rhythm, etc.

Energy and water. These two key concepts for life are contained in the installation’s plant elements.

Agri-food. This sector’s presence can be observed in references to fair trade. More specifically, in the frames made from wood shavings that simulate the porcelain tiles of Valencia.

Health and the healthy city. The chromatic keys selected evoke skin colours. As such, the visitor can identify nude, pink, brown and orange tones.

Creative and cultural industry. These references represent the graphic and creative aspect of this installation, its artistic aspect and the mix of colours and textures.

Excellence in architecture for libraries

The project places these four helixes of the paper windmill in dialogue with the five strategic sectors to which they relate. As the involvement of each aspect is proportional, they cannot be understood individually. These elements form a whole within this coherent and emotional architectural project.