lápiz blanco arena

architecture and design
245 m2

Architecture and design for Dr Laura Caicedo’s “The Hair Clinic”. A new temple of well-being inspired by the goddess of beauty.

Architecture and design based on Aphrodite’s mane

This project is inspired by the harmony, geometry, delicacy and magnificence of Greek architecture, through noble materials, limestone tones and the absence of polychrome elements. The colour palette evokes the most natural hair: from white to platinum, and from sienna to tan. A neat, harmonious and serene environment, reinterpreted through a contemporary prism.


The clinic is articulated around three barrel vaults located on the ceilings of the main rooms. This is an architectural resource chosen for its similarity to the circular cross-section of the follicle and its circumferential geometry.

As a result, the rooms’ height has been raised to its maximum, enhancing the nobility of its curves. The counters are presented as cylinders over two heights, fitting into the same diameter as the vault above.

In this interior design project, lighting takes on a particular importance

One of Viruta Lab’s aims was to introduce natural light into all of the rooms. Complementing this, point lighting was added via Circ by Estiluz wall sconces, which create a feeling of homely comfort and maximise the spaces’ height.

Barrisol stretch ceilings have also been incorporated in the transitions between vaults. Here, the goal was to recreate a continuous, zenithal and diffuse lighting, adding a dreamlike feel to this architectural project.

The entrance and internal doors offer up a more classical style. These have been crafted from lacquered metal and prism glass to echo the vaulted design, and they fit perfectly into the spaces, adding a point of rupture from the chromatic palette.

Thanks to all the details mentioned above, this architecture and design project exudes elegance and a natural feel.

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