lápiz azul porcelana

Interior Design
145 m2

Architecture and interior design for restaurants enables the development of personalised spaces. Each business is unique and deserves a specialised approach to transmit the right ideas and personality to the customer.

The beauty of the imperfect brought to interior design

Viruta 72.00 “porcelain pencil” is designed for the restaurant Al Taulell. It seeks to translate the beauty of nakedness to traditional architecture. An exercise of reinterpretation and adaptation of the native design and the singularity of the surroundings.

Al Taulell, situated in a historic part of Valencia, evokes the hustle and bustle of the markets that occupy the streets of this popular neighbourhood, full of fleeting stands of metal and tarpaulin. It is the ideal place in which to enjoy the fresh and typical products of the local cuisine. A space that places value on the essence of the ‘terreta’ (the local land) and its most traditional architecture.

The imperfect and naked character of its interior design promotes the respect and architectural preservation of Valencia’s emblematic neighbourhoods. Within these, little travelling markets are set up each week. To maintain this spirit, we have set store by exposed brick, painted patinas and the original ironwork of its windows.

Its walls, modified by previous interventions, have been decorated with typical elements representing Valencian folklore. One special feature is the shutter with solid wood slats, a characteristic element of the city of Alicante.

Respect for details

All the elements that make up the furniture of this restaurant have been designed by Viruta Lab. Based on the purified aesthetic of Art Nouveau and originating from a minimal colour palette: gold, two shades of blue and off-white. The bars and tables, with a double metallic ring, allow for an individualised experience for the guests. As well as creating a new table for those who prefer to enjoy their tapas while standing, in a quick and casual setting.

The tables are crowned in a modular manner with suspended acoustic domes that also add light to the space. The ceiling consists of an irregular panel with untreated rebar grating. All of these elements will age as time passes, slowly integrating into the historical patina of the space.

Thus, with its interior design, Al Taulell rescues the most traditional, social and human side of Valencian culture with a new language. A space born from tradition and the state-of-the-art. A tribute to the popular and motley market stalls. An ode to the Mediterranean way of life.

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