lápiz verde cardenillo

interior design for hotels

With interior design for hotels, we at Viruta Lab aim to integrate the building with its surroundings and bring it up to date. This allows us to achieve a harmonious and useful combination, adapted to users’ needs. All this, without losing sight of the importance of traditional architecture, to which we pay a well-deserved tribute.

Fresh yet classic rooms in this interior design for hotels

A breakdown of the main elements of Valencia’s El Cabanyal facades in basic and modern shapes. is the starting point for the Viruta 238.00 Lápiz Verde Cardenillo project. In this project, the hotel – located near this iconic neighbourhood – pays homage to the seafaring architecture that is so traditional in the area.

The central idea was therefore to bring the hotel into a natural harmony with its environment, for which neighbouring residences were carefully studied. Their entrances are located at street level, and so grilles are often used to offer protection and privacy to the homes. These elements, generally vertical and made from dark, wrought iron, present a contrasting character against the azulejo tiles of the facade.

With this interior design, we’ve sought to create a minimalist entrance offering the user a “refuge”. To do so, a dark space is created, with light filtered through the perforated grating, developing an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Room design

The rooms’ headboard, as the central element, geometrises and simplifies the architectural composition of the traditional facades of El Cabanyal. As such, the space acquires a contemporary language. The headboard is divided into four large blocks:

BASE. Reduced-size plinth made from a harder material than the rest of the piece.
BODY. This part delivers the main decorative impression of the porcelain-tiled facade. With it, geometric compositions are created in shades of green, blue and white.
FINISH. Upper part of the body taking the form of a band, therefore creating variation in the geometric composition, inserted between decorative friezes.
CROWN. This is a distinctive element reflecting the style of traditional rugs, evoking the neighbouring houses.

As the result of this combination, the Hotel Puerto Cabanyal has been designed like another home in the iconic Valencia El Cabanyal neighbourhood. With an appearance that is both modern and traditional at the same time, it creates a truly unique sensation. This hotel interior-design project therefore becomes a painstaking and meticulous work. In it, the guest is immersed in the historic depths of the environment, ultimately taking home an unbeatable experience.