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Interior design for holiday apartments

In interior design projects for short and medium-term apartments, the Viruta Lab studio draws on a wide range of sources of inspiration. Most commonly, these include the local environment, the historical heritage of the area and the character of its people. By delving into these elements, analysing and combining them, spaces are created that evoke both the echoes of the past and the essence of the present.


Rural inspiration for modern holiday apartment architecture

Viruta 09.00 “almond brown pencil” sketches an arid orchard featuring earthy colours and the wisdom of aged and experienced farmers. For this project, the Murcian orchard is taken as a concept to reflect its essence in the interior of these tourist apartments. The aim is to show the occupants that, even though they are passing through, they are immersed in a setting with unique characteristics.


The experiences of the trip will accompany them as they step into an apartment that represents the spirit of the earth. But it also pay tribute to those who, with great effort, give shape to the fields. Hence the simple, austere and practical interior design.

Lighting, both artificial and natural, is an essential factor when creating the spaces. Its impact enhances the shapes: like a magic paintbrush, it paints the designed rooms with shades and nuances. Its ongoing dance with shadows creates a visual melody that inspires the creation of structures that transcend functionality and become true works of art. In addition, light is a fundamental element of the field, the overall inspiration of this project focused on interior design for apartments.