lapiz gris ceniza

En Sala
historic home restoration



At Viruta Lab, we approach every historic home renovation as an exciting responsibility and a great creative stimulus. This has been a meticulous work to enhance pre-existing elements and their constructive imprint.


Maximum respect for historic essence

The architecture of homes in charismatic districts must be adapted to the iconic essence of their environment. In this case, Valencia’s old town exudes tradition, art and culture.

This project is located on En Sala street, in an old and colourful building, typical of the area. The approach was quickly defined: project the value of tradition and a taste for ancient trades, from a contemporary perspective.

Having all the historic pieces available for their proper conservation helps to bring them up to date, care for them and return them to their rightful place. By recovering the carved wooden doors and the traditional Nolla tiling, Viruta Lab has sought to honour the cultural legacy of Valencian ceramics.

Likewise, the classic marble chimney stands out in the main bedroom, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere with its distinctly bourgeois charm. A modern kitchen and designer bathrooms complete the picture.

Updated functionality and layout in this historic home restoration

The restoration of such a charming home demands great care for spatial functionality, adapting the layout to our times. As such, day-time areas have been moved closer to the entrance, with sleeping areas shifted to the opposite side. The result is a reinforcement of both privacy and the sequential flow of living areas.

The subtle use of a palette of whites and greys, on the other hand, establishes a harmonious dialogue, perfectly bringing together past and present. This intensifies the central role of the home’s powerful identity. This new chromatic language, making use of a minimal range of tones, creates a charming and suggestive effect. It is, therefore, highly appropriate both in the restoration of old homes and in new builds.

When the time came to carry out this restoration, the importance of preserving its original desire and identity were firmly taken into consideration. All aesthetic modifications made are reversible, ensuring that the overall result is aligned with expectations. Likewise, they are respectful of the tradition, solemnity and elegance that emanates from this historic home.

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