lápiz rojo lacre

Le Bloom aesthetics centre
historic architecture
250 m2

Respecting historic architecture is a constant in all projects brought to life at Viruta Lab; not just to protect our heritage, but to maintain it in our collective memory. To ensure that a space retains its unique attributes, a functional yet simple solution must be sought.

Historic architecture combining simplicity and elegance

‘Viruta 05.02 lápiz rojo lacre’ is all about our work at the Le Bloom aesthetics centre in the historic heart of València. The concept for this project is perfectly explained by Jon Franklin in a single sentence: “Simplicity, brought to the extreme, becomes elegance”.

Starting from this base, the main concept for the Le Bloom project has been to understand the space in which we work. A historic and noble architecture, featuring an imperceptible design to avoid overshadowing its presence.

Taking inspiration from the word bloom, various floral elements have been adopted in natural tones, emphasising in three dimensions those reproduced on the fantastic Nolla flooring, recovered in most of the rooms, allowing this ornamentation to stretch out onto the walls and ceilings.

A personalised architecture is also developed, brought to its minimum expression with tubular graphite furniture. The resulting design can therefore be united with the original ironwork, without adding new and discordant materials. Without a doubt, this project represents a real challenge, respecting the past while adding a modern touch, adapted to the location’s requirements.

Historic architecture inspired the development of the interior design project for this clinic. This was based on the story told by the space, and its various elements, seeking to find the best solution. In this case, simplicity – the epitome of elegance – was the motif selected for the Le Bloom aesthetics centre.