lápiz oro SISTMALETA

#SISTMALETA. InterCIDEC competition
architecture for hotels

Architecture for hotels may be based on an infinity of details and objects. Few go as unnoticed, yet so present, as a simple suitcase. Using this as the starting point allowed us to mark out the space in an original way, while ensuring great functionality.

A unique architecture for hotels

“Viruta 33.01 lápiz oro” is the #SisTmaleta project – winner of the InterCIDEC 2018 competition organised by the Murcian Beltá & Frajumar company.

Some travel for work, while others stay for holidays of varying durations. No matter the reason, everyone ends up in hotels with something in common. They bring a suitcase of their belongings, like a walking house, ensuring they have everything they need in this comfortable space.

The concept for this interior design is based on a polyvalent solution. This adapts to any space and shape, as it is based on a system applicable to various lobbies – no matter who uses them.

The inspiring idea of a box or container comes in the form of a suitcase, in which all personal effects are transported. The frame is a hard and rigid casing containing specific mechanisms for its operation. The interior, on the other hand, is more delicate and lined with fabric.

The interior system is based on items which, after observing any suitcase, can be arranged into four groups. These define the zones and adopt their physical and aesthetic characteristics for the interior design of the entire space: technology, toiletries, footwear and clothes.

This architecture project for hotels is based on a small, everyday and unassuming object, always present in these spaces. The suitcase therefore becomes a source of great inspiration to create lobbies as useful as they are beautiful.